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Real Science, Real Simple

The Got Mold? Test Kit was designed and developed by Jason Earle, and is based on his extensive experience as a  professional mold inspector.  Click here to read Jason's personal story:  Mold Caused My Asthma and Allergies, Here’s What I Did About It.

After more than 1,200 mold inspections, Jason realized he could never reach every  home, school and business that needed an initial mold assessment. So he worked with a team of experts to develop the Got Mold? Test Kit  to put professional grade tools into the hands of all people who need to know if they have a mold problem.  This Kit enables you to get that critical first assessment done,  quickly and affordably.
The Got Mold? Test Kit contains the same sample collection tools used by most professionals in the United States, including  Air-O-Cell air sample cassettes and Bio-Tape tapelift slides. In addition, the Got Mold? Test Kit  comes with our  exclusive, battery-operated Bio-Vac air pump, developed in order to make the Got Mold? Test Kit convenient and  affordable to everyone. We include a DVD Video Guide and a printed User's Guide with step-by-step instructions, plus an in-depth Knowledge Supplement to answer your tough questions.  We walk you through the tasks a mold assessment professional would undertake to determine where and how to take your samples for analysis by the laboratory.

Here's How It Works

Each Got Mold? Test Kit contains one BioVac air pump designed to accept an Air-O-Cell air-sampling cassette. 

The Air-O-Cell is a unique air sampling cassette specifically designed for the rapid collection of a wide range of airborne mold spores.  The Air-O-Cell forces incoming air to collide with a sticky flat panel, called a slide.

The slide is removed by our laboratory technicians and examined under a powerful microscope. The examiner counts the number of mold spores and particles, and identifies them by genus.  By knowing how much air has passed through the cassette, scientists can determine the density of various types of mold in the air that was sampled. This is key information in a mold assessment and is clearly spelled out, and clearly explained, in your report.

Air-O-Cell Air Flow

There are three air cassettes in each kit.  In order to interpret indoor test results, you will need to first conduct an outdoor "baseline" test.  The lab will compare this reading with the air samples taken inside your house.  The laboratory cannot produce a valid report without the baseline from the outdoor sample.

Air samples from your three locations are then compared with each other, which helps to determine: a) Whether one part of your house has higher mold concentrations than another; b) Whether your indoor mold types are similar to what's outside, and c) Whether your indoor mold counts are lower than outside (considered normal), the same, or higher (a red flag).  These findings are summarized in your report.
We also include in each Got Mold? Test Kit three BioTape surface sampling slides in plastic cases.

These are flexible plastic slides. Each has a writable label on one end and a sticky surface, covered by a protective plastic tape, on the other end.

To use the BioTape slide, you write the room location you are testing on the slide, peel off the tape, press the sticky surface onto the surface to be tested, remove the slide, and place the slide back in its case.

The samples collected on these slides will be microscopically counted and analyzed in the lab, just as we do the Air-O-Cell cassette slides. 

Taking air samples is simple:

  • Place new batteries in your BioVac air pump
  • Remove the seals from one Air-O-Cell cassette and place it on the pump inlet
  • Set a timer for 3 minutes and turn on the pump
  • Turn off the pump after 3 minutes, remove the cassette and replace the seals.
Taking surface samples is also simple:
  • Lift one BioTape slide from its plastic case
  • Write the necessary information on the slide label
  • Peel off the protective plastic from the sticky area
  • Stick the slide to the surface you want to test
  • Peel off the slide and return it to its plastic case.
Your first laboratory analysis, for the outdoor baseline sample, is free, if you submit your order online at:

Each additional analysis is yours for only $30.  By comparison, professional mold assessors charge $100 or more for each sample analyzed. The cost of shipping your samples to the lab is included in your initial purchase.  Your laboratory report will be delivered to you by email within 10 business days, at no additional charge or by USPS mail for an additional $5 charge (mailed reports may take longer to arrive).

The total cost of the
Got Mold? Test Kit, if you were to submit every sample for analysis, will be a fraction of the $1,200 or more a professional inspector would charge, and less than you would spend on most other home-use test kits, most of which don't work.

Click the orange buttom below for details on how to order your
Got Mold? Test Kit today.

Got Mold? Test Kit
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