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How to Order

So you're serious about testing your home, office or classroom for mold.

Congratulations! This is the smartest first step you can take.

You have a number of choices when it comes to assessing your home for mold problems:
Does it
# of
$500 $1000+ Yes Yes N/A 3-4 $250-
Rent-a-Pumpô Kit $350 $350+ Yes Yes No 3 $116
Petri Dish Kit $10 $40 No No N/A 1 $40
Vacuum Trap Kit $350 $350 No No Your
1 $350
Got Mold? Test Kit $99 $249 Yes Yes Yes 6 $41.50

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Got Mold? Test Kit

Here are your options:
Hire a Professional Mold Inspector
You could hire a professional mold inspection company, which would cost you $1,000 or more, and you’d get three or more air samples analyzed. Professionals use the same air sampling cassettes that we supply in the Got Mold? Test Kit, but they charge $100 or more for each sample, more than three times our sample fee.

So if you are ready and know that you need a professional you should hire one. There is a more affordable first step solution, but it’s not the next one.

Buy a ‘Rent-a-Pump’ Kit

You could ’rent-a-pump” from a company that sells scientific mold test kits. They use the right collection cassettes, but you typically only get one at the base price (you need a minimum of two), and the second and third cassettes cost $100 each! So for the typical test —one sample outdoors, one indoors— you pay $350 or more. A typical 2,000-square-foot house would cost you $450.

Plus, you become entangled with the ’rent-a-pump” company because these kits come with an expensive ’rented” pump that you’re responsible for learning how to use, setting up properly and then returning to the company in good condition otherwise you lose your deposit. These pumps are $500 and up.

Also, you may need a mold professional to decipher the report on your samples, when you get it in the mail.

Consumer Reports does NOT recommend this type of kit.  And what’s more, the expensive but scientific kits don’t come with tape lifts for testing suspected surface mold, something the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) endorses.

’Surface sampling may be used to (a) confirm the nature of suspected microbial growth on environmental surfaces, (b) measure the relative degree of biological contamination, and (c) identify the types of microorganisms andother biological agents present.”
~ Bioaerosols, Assessment and Control, [ACGIH 1999], Section 12.2.1

Buy a Petri Dish Kit

You could shop at a big-box home store and spend $10.00 for a mold test kit. These kits use what are known as ’settling plates,” or ’Petri dishes,” a shallow container with a nutrient gel in it. You leave the settling plate open to the air for a few hours, then close it up and wait a few days to see what grows.

You then compare your mold culture to some generic pictures. Or you can pay them to analyze your sample.

The Result: You still don’t know if you have a problem with your indoor air.

Why? Because mold is everywhere! Growing it in a dish, or on a slice of bread, doesn’t tell you anything about your house, or the air you breathe.  So don’t waste your hard earned money on a kit that doesn’t give you any answers.
All it really does is add more mold growth to your house!

Consumer Reports does NOT recommend this type of test kit and the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) strongly rejects this type of test.
’Gravity samples should not be used even to determine the relative air concentrations of different microorganisms because of the method’s collection bias.”
~ Bioaerosols, Assessment and Control [ACGIH 1999], Section 11.3.1
Use Your Vacuum

You could buy a kit that attaches a dust collector to your vacuum cleaner. Then you suck air through the filter, pack it up and send it to a lab.

The sellers analyze your dust for mold, animal dander, dust mites and cockroaches and send you a report telling you which of these substances are ’elevated” in your home. This kit costs $350 for a single dust trap!

The problem is, there is no basis for comparison with outside air, and there is no limit on how much air has passed through the filter, or where you pulled this air in your home. Real science demands precise measurements and real comparisons. ’Elevated” is always a relative term.

If you live in an area where mold spore levels are high outdoors, there’s little you can do to reduce the levels indoors without air purifiers. So this kit is likely to trigger false alarms and cause you to spend thousands of dollars looking for indoor mold growth that isn’t there.

A proper air sampling test requires a timed intake with a pump of known capacity, and it requires at least an outdoor baseline sample along with an indoor sample taken within an hour of each other. These industry standard protocols can not be met with this type of test kit at any cost — even if you got it for free.
One Final Note

Many mold testing companies offer to tell you about ’toxic mold” or ’black mold” if it’s found in your samples. This is a scare tactic. There is no such thing as ’good” mold growing in your house. All of them can make some people sick. What’s important is to know what’s in the air you’re breathing, and whether it’s an indication of indoor mold growth.
The Got Mold? Test Kit Is Your Answer

You can own The Got Mold? Test Kit for a fair price and receive all the components you need to perform a proper test for mold that delivers real answers to your mold questions.

Your Got Mold? Test Kit comes with the same collection devices used by professionals: three (3) BioTape tape lift collectors and not one, not two, but three (3) Air-O-Cell air sampling cassettes, enough for a 2,000-square-foot house.

And it gets better.

Your outdoor air sample analysis is included free with your investment in your Got Mold? Test Kit (with online registration).
There is no expensive pump to return. Our Bio-Vac pump is small, precise, battery-powered and disposable — the only one in the industry!

Your simple, clear report is delivered by email within 10 business days of our receipt of your samples, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.

So, in summary, you can spend $1,000 or more for a professional inspector, or $250 and up for a ’rent-a-pump” kit, or $350 to have your vacuum dust analyzed, or just waste your time and your hard earned money with a cheap Petri dish kit, or.
Get your Got Mold? Test Kit for only $99!

You get:
  • Three Air-O-Cell air sampling cassettes (Value: $300 or more with analysis)
  • Three BioTape tape lift collectors (Value: $300 or more with analysis)
  • Your own unique BioVac pump, the world’s first and only disposable air sampling pump (Value: peace of mind)
  • A super easy-to-follow User Guide (Value: Simplicity)
  • Our comprehensive Knowledge Supplement to give you all the information you need to inspect your home like a professional (Value: $49)
  • Our DVD video guide to taking air and surface samples (Value: Ease of use)
  • A prepaid mailer to zip your samples back for analysis (Value: Convenience)
  • The lowest cost per sample in the industry for professional independent lab analysis

 Each sample costs you only $30 (remember the first one is included free with online registration), and you get to decide how many to collect. So, for a basic two-sample test you would pay only $30 over your $99 kit purchase price.

So, if you returned all six samples — three Air-O-Cells and three BioTapes, your total investment, including the original $99 kit purchase, would be only $249 — the starting price of the ’rent-a-pump” kits with only one sample.

The Got Mold? Test Kit is not intended to take the place of a professional inspection, but as a screening tool to determine whether you have a mold problem. If you find you do need a professional inspection, and one of our 1-800-GOT-MOLD? teams is in your area, your $99 purchase price will serve as a credit toward the cost of your inspection.

The Got Mold? Test Kit puts you in control, puts solid science and clear information in your hands, and delivers more information per dollar than any other mold test kit on the market today.

Own yours today to get the answers you need!

Got Mold? Test Kit

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