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Terms and Conditions 

Return Policy:  You may return your GOT MOLD? Test Kit within 14 days of receipt, providing the internal seal protecting the components is unbroken, and the kit is otherwise in saleable condition. Buyer must pay for return shipping. Send returns to:

MycoLab USA
Returns Dept.
10 Schalks Crossing Rd. Suite 501-336
Plainsboro NJ 08536

The analysis offered through the GOT MOLD? Test Kit is a screening analysis and is not intended to serve as a substitute for a professional mold assessment or sampling performed by a qualified environmental consultant.  The discounted pricing of the sample analysis was made possible by the efficiencies of a simplified screening analysis method. A full analysis is available at an additional cost.

The information contained in the lab report is only an indicator of the conditions present at the time the samples were collected. The laboratory is only providing data based upon the samples that were collected and submitted by you, the customer.  The accuracy and location of the sample collection is not the responsibility of the laboratory.

The information contained in the lab report is not to be used to plan or verify a mold remediation project.

We make no health claims, explicit or implied. If you feel that your health is at risk, please consult a medical professional.

The Bio-Vac air pump contained in the GOT MOLD? Test Kit is not a calibrated device. However, with fresh batteries and in accordance with instructions, it will pull a flow rate that is sufficient for a competent screening analysis.

Every time the status of a submitted sample changes, our software updates a log, which includes a time-and- date stamp and the person's ID who changed the status. On request, a report can be generated showing these details, if a situation arises in which the Chain of Custody is brought into question.

Our analysis fees do not include the cost of any additional or incidental services that may become associated with the results, such as interpretation of results to a third party, or participation in any legal case.

Samples will be retained by MycoLab USA or an affiliate for 30 days after completion of analysis.  MycoLab USA or an affiliate will dispose of the samples unless you request that we return the samples and you agree to pay the cost of shipping and handling.

Unless alternative arrangements have been made, raw data will be retained for three years after the final report date.

In any and all cases, MycoLab USA's liability is limited to the amount paid by the customer for the kit and/or samples at issue.

Got Mold? Test Kit
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